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1. HAVE YOU TRIED TO CONTACT Michael's family members or the Michael Jackson Estate?

Michael's Family. No.
We have always believed that our initiative will continue along its lifetime in the way that it was destined to. If its future involves any family members then we would of course welcome their input.

The Michael Jackson Estate. Yes.
On the 16th December 2011 we reach out to the Michael Jackson Estate. Jeff Jampol from The MJ Online Team replied later on the same day, here is an excerpt:

"We, and the Estate, thank you for your interest in supporting Michael's charitable wishes. The Estate fully appreciates the desire of you and all of Michael’s fans to demonstrate their support for Michael’s humanitarian goals by contributing to charitable efforts, either financially or through volunteerism and are looking forward to sharing with the fans (and the world at large) the way in which they intend to implement Michael’s wishes under his will to have a certain portion of his estate benefit charities.


I realize we are asking you to accept our word for this but we can assure you that, although we are not at liberty to provide any details at the present time, the process is well underway but there are many steps that have to be taken before any announcement can be made. Bear with us, keep your faith, commitment and patience. Just know that this is an important concern and focus for the Estate.


In the meantime, we must advise you that for various reasons, including the Estate’s own plans, it is not possible for the Estate to consider endorsing or supporting outside projects, no matter how well intentioned"

We will post any other developments here.

2. Are you a 'registered' charity'?

UPDATE September 2019: Due to the nature of how our organisation is now operated, we are no longer able to obtain recognition from HMRC for tax purposes, nor are we able to register with the UK charity commission.


This is mainly due to the fact that our organisation allows fans to contribute to a charitable pot, which get's handed out to a different charitable beneficiary each month. To enable us to provide financial aid to ANYONE we feel needs it (suggested by and voted for by MJFFC Members) and not just SOME, we are not able to be recognised or registered.


The plan has always been for MJFFC to be big enough to put additional plans into place that will involve volunteers and paid staff to work for MJFFC full time and visit countries to provide technical assistance and aid directly. This of course means that at that point, we WILL be able to register with the relevant organisations and will be doing just that. More about our future plans are here.

3. Can we use your logos to promote your charitable project?

Yes, but all we ask is that you tell us.

Being notified of where our images and content is being used, helps us to work out how you are making an impact and also so that we have the opportunity to provide you with hi-resolution graphics and images to use. Please also remember to respect the trademarks of others when promoting.

4. What is 'Michael Jackson Monthly Giving'?

The wheels for charitable donations started turning in 2009, soon after Michael's passing. The project as it is today, started on Michael's 53rd Birthday on the 29th August 2011 and is an initiative aiming to get EVERY SINGLE Michael Jackson fan to donate a small amount per month. The money collected each month is then given to the beneficiary chosen by the consensus of the members for that month. 

This project will provide a long term solution for MJ fans to donate for as long as they want to. Members are free to nominate their own preferred beneficiaries for consideration and can cancel at any time.

5. Why did you set up this project?

Because of Michael's message. From 2009, we had a cause running on the Causes.com platform and it had many donations from fans willing to give. However, when we donated to it or to other causes, we donated the money, and that was it. We didnt get any feedback as it was a small donation to a large beneficiary. The idea of this project is to change this. EVERY donor will be a part of something amazing and their monthly donation, no matter how small, will be a part of a much larger donation.


With just a handful of fans on board, we can really make that change.

6. Why can't we just donate to whoever we want monthly?

You can and it is possible to donated directly to our chosen beneficiary if you wished, some members give directly in addition to join us monthly. But wouldnt you like to be part of a group dedicated to this? The difference with doing it through MJFFC, is that our monthly donations are done in bulk, providing more of an impact to help publicise the initiative each time and results in a much larger recognised as a Michael Jackson inspired tribute. It also helps us collate the figures that make up the Global Total. We do also provide links to the beneficiaries, should fans want to contribute outside of the project directly.

7. Where does the money go?

This money comes from fans and goes into our PayPal account, or directly to our bank account, depending on how members give.  The money is totalled up at the end of the month and then given to the winning beneficiary in memory of Michael Jackson for that month, which is decided by MJFFC MEMBERS. When the donation is made, it resets it back to zero and we start again.


Donations to beneficiaries are documented in detail and then added to our donations section. We also post up any feedback from the beneficiaries recieved in this section if we receive any after the initial donation is made. sometimes the beneficiaries send us "follow up" updates.

ADMIN & FUNDRAISING: We are one of very few MJ initiatives that have minimal running costs. We strive to use the latest technology available and get as much as we can for free. When this doesn't work we fund it out of our own pocket or via MJFFC Guardianship.


It is important to note that no donations from fans goes towards staff, our volunteers or on any other personal expenses, this helps us maximise the amount of money we can give to beneficiaries each month. In fact, often we top up the donations with our own money.

8. How do we know the donation is actually being made?

Since 2011 we have been documenting, screen-grabbing and reporting on the whole process, we have made over 100 donations to date, totalling over £20,000 so far. This is an effort to show fans that they can trust the project and hopefully give fans the confidence to spread the word further for us. Screenshots of the donation process is shown on this site at the beginning of each month, when the donation is made. Each beneficiary is also contacted by us to advise about the donation, and the beneficiaries can also be contacted by fans directly for clarification if need be.

9. How much are TRANSACTION Fees?

100% MEMBER DONATIONS: For every monthly £1 contribution by members, 100% of this goes to the winning beneficiary thanks to our MJFFC Guardian scheme. For anything over £1 a 5%+5p PayPal fees apply. We chose the 5%+5p PayPal model instead of the usual 3.4%+20p, in order to make smaller contributions from fans go further.

Currently there are no payment providers out there that offer a regular giving service with zero transaction fees, but we are always looking.

Our key requirements are:

- Low setup fees, no monthly fees and zero transaction fees
- Instant access to donations so that beneficiaries can be donated to efficiently
- That it allows one-off donations of as low as £1 in all currencies
- That it allows monthly donations of as low as £1 in all currencies

- Must be mobile optimised
- Must be easy for fans to contribute

If you come across any that can provide all of the above, please let us know.

10. How can I trust you?

We really believe in this project and MJ fans to be able to team up and REALLY get things done. This isnt a fly-by-night project where we just want one donation, we want you to donate monthly for ongoing support and we are in it for the long-haul. The project is run by Steven Hodges, he attends as many MJ events as possible, so if you ever spot him, do say hi!



  • We produce Detailed monthly reports.
  • Donations are only held for one month, before they are donated to the beneficiary with the most votes. So the money is never sitting and accumulating for long periods of time.
  • We have been running our project for almost 10 years now.

11. How do I donate and vote?

To donate please go here.
To vote please go here.

12. What is Top-Up The Pot?

We accept top-ups to the pot also known as single or one-off donations.


Say you have done some additional fundraising for that month, or the currently leading beneficiary is one that is close to your heart, you can give a one-off donation here.

NOTE: due to the complexities involved with admin, only fans giving monthly, are currently able to vote for beneficiaries and are classed as MJFFC MEMBERS.

13. how does the voting work?

Last updated: 20th December 2019.



Members are given 2 carefully chosen beneficiaries to vote upon each month. MJFFC decides on which beneficiaries are shortlisted for members votes each month from an inclusion list we hold which is compiled by our members and ourselves. This list includes various groups and public personal appeals that are in line with our areas of focus and our charitable objects. The voting is done privately amongst all members of our project.


The beneficiary with the most votes at the end of the month will be the one we will raise money for during that month. eg. Members vote throughout January and then shortly after the 1st of February the votes are counted and the beneficiary is announced publicly. Then throughout February we raise as much money as possible via an online public awareness campaign. We also interact and work closely with the chosen beneficiary as much as possible. The runner-up beneficiaries are put back into our inclusion list for a future vote. We try and donate to a a different beneficiary each month.


Members are able to suggest their preferred beneficiaries for us to look into. We will investigate each of the beneficiaries put forward to check that they qualify and we will then add them to the list. If there is a "GLOBAL EVENT" which requires an emergency donation (see below), then this cause may be included in the vote for the following month if the members vote in favour of it.


In the event of a tie of votes, MJFFC's decision on the chosen beneficiary is final.



Occasionally there are unpredictable "Global Events" which are things such as earthquakes, floods, civil wars, storms, terrorist attacks etc. Basically anything that involves a large number of people or animals, be it through death, displacement or any kind of suffering. We saw many in 2016.


When this happens, a beneficiary that is either involved in providing relief or has been directly affected by this "Global Event", will be put to members for consideration immediatly in preperation for the following month.

Because our members vote a month in advance, it is possible to announce the beneficiary for a month of fundraising, during the first few days of the month starting. We would only change a beneficiary once it has been officially announced under extreme circumstances.



If you stop your monthly payments or they fail for whatever reason and we cannot make contact, you will no longer qualify to vote. You will be removed from the voting group when the voting finishes for the most recent monthly pot you paid into. e.g. If you pay on the 1st of June and then payment fails on the 2nd June, you will be removed on the 1st of July, as you would be entitled to a June vote.


If you are removed for any reason and a new donor comes on board, they will be given any spare donor number slots including your previous donor slot number, if you do not start your monthly donations again in time. If you come back and start a new monthly donation, you will receive a new member number, which will be the next one that is available. When a PayPal payment profile ends, PayPal notify us. When we recieve this notification, we will remove you from the voting group.


These rules are likely to change as and when we receive feedback from our members, this section will be updated accordingly.

14. What ARE personal appealS/Grants?

Last updated: 20th December 2019.

Personal appeals are those appeals you find on websites like GoFundMe.com or Fundly.com or that are sent to us directly via our grant application scheme. Appeals will be sourced from those websites and from MJFFC members, when put forward and we will still only be considering those appeals that we believe via our various checks, are 1. legitimate appeals and 2. that also fall into our usual areas of focus and charitable objects.


Our members are able to vote on a mix of the following types of beneficiary:

  • Internal Personal Appeals (this will be something that MJFFC and it's members have noticed needs funding themselves or via the funding sites mentioned above)
  • External Personal Appeals (this is something that members of the public will be able to submit to us via a grant application)

More details will follow on this in the future whilst we develop and structure it some more, but if you have any questions at this stage please feel free to reach out to us in the usual ways!

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