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THIS IS "#MoonwalkWalks"!

Found a book? Log it here!

WHAT IS "#MoonwalkWalks"?

"#MoonwalkWalks" is MJFFC's way of marking Michael Jackson's 60th birthday on August 29th 2018.


We will be leaving 7 copies of Michael Jackson's 'Moonwalk' autobiography (also 30 years old this year in 2018!) on each of the 7 different continents of the world. That's 1 on each continent for people to read, leave and log, so yep, that includes Antarctica too!

The idea behind the tribute is to continue to spread the life of Michael around the world, to educate people as to what Michael really was about in his own words and also informing readers of how his inspiration touched the lives of various fans, groups and charity tribute projects.

The 7 start locations of the books will be:

#Book1: Continent of Africa = Uganda! Sponsored thanks to the HWMCO!

#Book2: Continent of Antarctica! Slightly more complicated, but thank you to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust for deploying this book in ANTARCTICA!
#Book3: Continent of Asia = Vietnam! Sponsored thanks to Linh Ngo!
#Book4: Continent of Australia/Oceania = Brisbane, Australia! Sponsored thanks to Jamon from The MJCast!
#Book5: Continent of Europe = Paris, France! Sponsored thanks to Hector Barjot!
#Book6: Continent of North America = Las Vegas! Sponsored thanks to Michael's Dream Foundation!
#Book7: Continent of South America = Brazil! Sponsored thanks to Make That Change Brazil!


If you are a sponsor please see the current information below.

  • We will send you a copy of Michael Jacksons Moonwalk book.
  • The book will contain information on the outside and inside about what participants need to do.
  • As a sponsor when you receive the book you can read it if you wish.
  • Upon receipt of the book, inside there will be a place for you to write a bit about yourself, your MJ group or your charity.
  • AROUND THE 29TH AUGUST 2018. You need to take a photo (or video!) of the book in this public place and then post it to Twitter using the hashtags #MoonwalkWalks #Book? and #MJ60 eg. for book 7 an example tweet would be "#MoonwalkWalks #Book7 for #MJ60 as you can see, I have the book at the Eiffel Tower in Paris!" etc. Please make sure all 3 hashtags are somewhere in your tweet.
  • Eventually you will need to pass the book on, either to a friend, or by leaving the book somewhere safe in a public place for someone else to pick up.
  • If you are not able to leave the book on the 29th August, you can leave it a week or two before then, as long as the photo you take is uploaded on the 29th August 2018.
  • The deadline is the 29th August 2018, as this is when all 7 of the books (hopefully) will be tweeted with their locations!
  • We can't wait to see what your book gets up to!

More to follow in time.

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