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#MakeThat CHANGE

MJ Fans for Charity is changing to MJ Fans for Change.

So what is about to change at MJFFC? For almost 10 years now, our Michael Jackson inspired organisation, MJ Fans for Charity, have been giving to various beneficiaries, which were mostly other charities.

From the start of 2020 however, MJFFC will be evolving. We are starting to find that the word "Charity", is becoming too specific and restrictive. The MJFFC letters remain the same of course, which is handy, but this name change not only fits in with where we want to take our organisation, but now uses a word that is very fitting, much clearer, and is connected a little more to how MJFFC came about in the first place almost 10 years ago.

At least two of Michael Jackson's songs in particular, mention the word change and CHANGE is ultimately the main thing that MJFFC is trying to create with the £1 per month charitable project, a CHANGE in this World for the better.

Also it is to enable us to not only give to existing charities as we have done for years, but to also have an additional focus to be able to contribute to other areas that need financial and volunteer support as put forward by our members or which can be applied for as grants.

MJFFC followers may also be familiar with the F.A.C.E.S areas of focus, but for 2020 our focus is going to be changing slightly and is evolving, appropriately, to... C.H.A.N.G.E.

C.H.A.N.G.E stands for the NEW areas that our charity will focus on in 2020 and beyond; Children (specifically those under 18), Humans (those 18 and over), Arts, Nature, Global Events and Education.

We believe these were the main areas in which Michael Jackson really believed in, so we have forged them into our charitable work. Actions speak louder than words, so please scroll down for more details on our charitable purposes below.



Exclusively for those under 18 years of age. Childrens Rights, Safety, Health, Mental Health, Keeping Fit, Diet, Homelessness, Poverty and more. Yes children are humans too of course, but they deserve to have their own dedicated focus.



Exclusively for those over 18 years of age. Human Rights (18+), Safety, Health, Mental Health, Keeping Fit, Diet, Homelessness, Poverty. Yes children are humans too of course, but they deserve to have their own dedicated focus.



For the creative individuals and groups in the areas of Music, Dance, Art, Drama, Literature and Cinema etc. This one is also for Historic Preservation, and the protection of Michael's Legacy.



For Animals and the Environment in general. More to follow...

global events


For those unique catastophic events such as Earthquakes, Tsunamis, War etc pretty much anything we deem as a global emergency that needs our attention.

global events


For Science, Studies, Research, Learning and General Education. More to follow...

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