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Here is what some of our members have to say about the project...

"The members of MJFFC wanted to carry Michael's legacy on. We support many individuals and charities that we know would have been close to Michaels heart. We are all proud to be part of this."
Anne Denton - member for over 8 years

"As a huge fan of MJ I was looking to see how I could give back in honor of him and I was thrilled that MJFFC could help me do that!"
Terry Gilchrist - member for over 8 years

"a great initative, great communication on where donations are going and the impact. A wonderful project to be a part of."
Jeannette Simpson - new member

"Love MJFFC! This is an easy way to lend a helping hand to those who truly need it. "
Mae Parr - new member

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